Academy Presentations and Courses Outline

The 4 C’s

This is a "hands on" presentation explaining the process of valuing rough diamond starting from the extraction of the goods at the mines. The 4 C’s are applied to reach the 11344 DTC price points.

The Diamond Pipeline

The presentation tells the story of a diamond from prospecting up until it reaches the finger as jewellery.  The journey starts with prospecting; mining and recovery; sorting and valuing; sales and marketing; diamond manufacturing; polished market; jewellery; retail and consumers.

The History of Diamonds

A story of diamonds , when they were discovered and the role they have played from the first discovery in India in the 4th century up to the present day.  It covers the first authentic story of how the oldest diamonds in the world were found; the producing and manufacturing countries and the diamond markets.

Mining and Recovery

Gives an understanding of the mining operations and the types of mining that are used by De Beers.  The types of mining include; open pit; underground; sea-bed; coastal and alluvial.


This presentation gives an insight into the formation and properties of diamonds.  For rough diamond staff, it provides a deeper understanding of the diamond grains and how they can guide the classification of diamonds into the different models and qualities.   In manufacturing, the grains lead a way to how the diamond should be cut.


This course is aimed at people who do not work with diamonds on a day to day basis. It covers the 4C’s, pipeline and crystallography presentations and introduces basic rough sorting. These courses tend to follow the speed and requirements of the participants and are therefore flexible in content. They often also contain the stones of special interest and colour and inclusions presentations.

Foundation Manufacturing

This is an introduction to manufacturing, learning grains and very basic options that can be used to maximise the yield.  The participants will also be introduced to the use of a SARIN, a machine used to confirm the estimated yields.

Intermediate Manufacturing

 A more in-depth look at strategy, learning to accurately mark and measure rough diamonds. A brief introduction into the polished assortment will be made. This enables a rough sorter to visualize polished inside a rough stone.

Pre- Entry RTOP

This is a newly introduced course targeted at staff sorting bigger stones.  It aims at introducing individuals to looking at stones in a manufacturing perspective; determining the yield of a stone through correct marking; measuring and applying the right formulas to determine the yield of a stone.  Capable candidates will then be enrolled in a Rough to Polished course.

Colour and Inclusions

As a perfect diamond crystal would be colourless, any colour in diamond is therefore caused by impurities or inclusions.  The presentation looks into the causes of colour in diamonds and the different groups of inclusions.

Bespoke Courses and Presentations

We strive to offer the best possible service to our customers in the Academy. We cover a wide range of topics aimed at different levels of knowledge. However, we are aware that people have different needs and requirements and to this end we offer bespoke programmes for individuals/groups.

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