Shining Light Awards 2008/2009

The inaugural Shining Light competition was held under the theme ‘Fingerprints of Your Journey’, taken from the notion that, ‘the nature of your eternal journey is reflected through the past, the present and the future of your dreams, your hopes and your aspirations. You are the student, and life is your teacher. Within this banquet, you must find that which leaves behind something of yourself in today’s lessons that are ‘Fingerprints of Your Journey’. This theme called for entrants to choose an important moment in their lives, something life-changing that they would be able to use as their inspiration in the development of their piece.

The competition was kick-started by hosting the Entry form Presentation at the Gaborone International Convention Centre (GICC) on April 14, 2008 which attracted 82 participants from around the country. 

A two day fully sponsored design forum was held on May 07- 08, 2008 where attendees came together to collaborate on contemporary designs whilst being given assistance by internationally renowned jewellery designers. The preliminary round of judging then took place and it was here that the panel of Shining Light judges adjudicated in excess of 100 design submissions from various participants across Botswana.

The judges for the 2008 competition were Dr Akolang Tombale, former Diamond Hub Coordinator; Sheila Khama, former Chief Executive - De Beers Botswana; Toby Frears, former Head of Sales and Marketing - DTC Botswana; Kago Mmopi, Corporate Communications and Public Affairs Manager - DTC Botswana; Dr Olefile Molwane, Head of Industrial Design & Technology Department - University of Botswana; Thoko Modisakeng, former Head of Marketing: De Beers Southern Africa; and Ms Reema Pachachi, visiting Professor of Jewellery, Central Saint Martins School of Art & Design.

Once the renderings had been whittled down after the first judging, the process of elimination started, allowing the judges to reach the final five renderings which ultimately made up the Botswana 2008/9 Collection. The five final pieces were manufactured over a period of three months through the generous sponsorship of a number of DTC Botswana Sightholders and other manufacturers.

On completion of the manufacturing process, the final collection of pieces went through final judging on October 22, 2008 at Phakalane Golf Resort where the winner was chosen. The winner was revealed at a glitz and glamour function at the Gaborone International Convention Centre on 9th March 2009. After the Grand Finale, the Botswana collection joined the Namibia and South Africa collection on a worldwide publicity tour until the end of March 2010.

There is no doubt that Africa has forever been the inspiration of artists and poets alike, but it is the continent’s Shining Light - the Diamond, that continues to illuminate, captivate and arouse. It is through endeavours such as the Shining Light Awards that we are all able to demonstrate to the rest of the world that working together towards a shared set of values enables us to go forward, united and stronger. The awards unite this heritage to create an internationally appealing and unique collection of diamond jewellery.

Shining Light Award Winners 2008/2009

Katja Nilsson

Overall Winner

18ct white and red gold neckpiece set with 674 round brilliant cut diamonds weighing 24.95cts.

Makgadikgadi Pans: one of the most beautiful places I know. Majestic, ancient baobab trees stand like wise, old people with outstretched hands awaiting the rains and migrant flamingoes. Stately, impressive, magnificent - the ancient ones.

David Atho Moatisi


18ct yellow gold mask set with 1,172 round brilliant cut diamonds weighing 15.23cts and 31 Canary coloured diamonds weighing a total of .62cts.

Each day I wake I am bathed in the warmth of the sunrise, and I am able to face the promise of another day with renewed challenge and vigour. In the same way that the sun invigorates my body, my soul is invigorated by the challenge of new opportunities.

Grace Hanson


18ct white gold hair piece set with 80 round brilliant cut diamonds weighing 22.86cts.

The beauty of youth reflected in confidence manifested in laughter; the beauty of age suggested by peace exposed by wisdom; physical beauty imitated - inner beauty ignored – why is this so?

Tjipo Keaikitse

Winner - Highly Commended

18ct white gold choker set with 3,425 round brilliant cut diamonds weighing a total of 17.169 cts.

Faith, hope, despair, belief; like pieces of a jigsaw, each piece comes together to make sense of the puzzle that is Life.

Esayo Tetteh


18ct white gold waist net set with 661 round brilliant cut diamonds weighing 65.98cts.

Ode to my Brother: How death changes our perspective on life. How final it is. Each precious teardrop a reminder of how deeply you loved. Each teardrop like a diamond signifies the precious moments of your Journey.

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