Diamond Academy

The DTC Botswana Diamond Academy started operation in February 2006. The purpose of the Academy is primarily to raise the level of diamond expertise needed to meet global requirements, while igniting the passion that is the diamond business.

Principally, the Diamond Academy is a technical training establishment, but it also provides a holistic knowledge of the diamond industry.

The Academy’s vision is to be recognised as one of the leading diamond academies in the De Beers Group. Some of the Academy’s values include among others, being passionate about diamonds; customer focused; and continuous improvement; as well as creating an empowered workforce.

The DTCB Academy is accredited by the Botswana Qualifications Authority (BQA) and plays a critical role in capacity building in areas of diamond valuation, developing technical sorting skills, enhancing production capabilities as well as assisting in quality assurance.

The Diamond Academy is also certified to ISO 9001: 2015, which is a quality management system which demonstrate its ability to consistently provide quality education that meets customer expectation and regulatory requirements.

The academy provides an extensive range of training courses and presentations. These can be tailored to meet employees needs on all aspects of rough and polished diamonds. This includes sorting and valuing, rough to polished yields, diamond manufacturing and polished sorting.

The training format for the Academy is divided into four modules

New Entrants

  • Two year technical program (First six months in the Academy)
  • General diamond industry knowledge
  • Foundation diamond course

Secondary / Targeted Programs

  • Identified development needs
  • Enhanced diamond industry knowledge
  • Intermediate diamond manufacturing

Secondment / Exchange Programs

  • Guidance on format of programs
  • Liaison with host
  • Confirmation of program

Visitors / Clients

  • Guidance on format of programs
  • Liaison with host
  • Confirmation of program
  • Sharing knowledge of the industry
  • Give tour of building
  • Layouts