Staff Initiatives

DTC Botswana employees living the ‘SHOW WE CARE’ Value

As a way of living the ‘Show we Care’ Value, employees of DTC Botswana desire to actively play a meaningful role in the further development of the Botswana diamond industry by engaging in community social investment (CSI) projects.

In line with the DTC Botswana definition of CSI, employees see community investment as contribution in the form of money, employee time and other resources towards the improvement, upliftment and development of the lives of the communities we operate within and creating a legacy of sustainability.

The employee community investment programme will drive community project initiatives identified by staff members and will therefore consolidate all our efforts so that our contribution to the Botswana community is real, lasting and makes us proud.

DTC Botswana supports the employees’ ‘Show we Care’ initiatives and encourages the spirit of volunteerism amongst staff members. It further endorses the already existing good practice among staff members whereby employees identify a cause for which to raise funds and/or donate their personal time.

Whistle Blowing Hotline

Report diamond-related crime:


Sorting and Valuing
The key activity of DTC Botswana is Sorting and Valuation of rough diamonds. When diamonds arrive from the mines, they are sorted into different categories according to their carat, cut, clarity, and colour (4Cs).

DTC Botswana focuses on attracting, retaining and developing inclusion and diversity in our daily operations. Being an inclusive organization means breaking the norms on how we do business, developing policies and procedures that accommodate individuals of any kind and most importantly being diverse with our thinking, our interactions and our drive to build all employees. We have zero tolerance to discrimination of any type, bullying and harassment. These are our main drivers of our inclusion and diversity strategy.

“This Solar PV Plant initiative is expected to contribute towards the DTC Botswana’s goal of reducing carbon emissions and protecting the natural world. Phase 2 will commence in September 2021 and will increase the capacity of the plant to 950 kWp, which will enable the plant to meet 100% of DTCB Botswana’s energy demand during the day and reduce overall energy consumption by about 48%” said DTC Botswana Senior Manager Technical Services, Ms. Prudence Mabua.

As part of DTC Botswana’s Social Investment strategy to promote equality and diversity, the year 2021 became a milestone as DTC Botswana announced the Botswana Football Association Sponsorship. The sponsorship runs over a 3-year period to the tune of P P2, 430, 000 commencing with the 2022/2023 season. The sponsorship will also fund the development of the Grassroots Football Training Programme in primary schools within the 17 BFA Regions countrywide to benefit the girl child. This initiative is a step taken towards DTC Botswana’s commitment to Gender Equality. Therefore, this sponsorship intends to fund and encourage Women & Girls’ football initiatives, while increasing Women’s participation in sports.