D’kar Primary School

On 18th March 2016, DTC Botswana unveiled sponsorship to the tune of P2 Million (Two Million Pula), over a 3 year period, to D’Kar Primary School in the Ghanzi District. D’Kar Primary School commenced in 1965 and was run by the Dutch Reformed Church. Subsequently it was taken over by the Government of Botswana around 1973/1974. D’Kar Primary School is a boarding school with enrolment of 565 students (266 boys and 299 girls). Out of this number, 79 students are boarding (37 boys and 42 girls).

D’Kar Primary School is faced with challenges of poor performance, absenteeism and drop outs. The school has generally been performing very poorly in the national examinations in the past years. Pass rates at the school have been below 31% over the past four years. The majority of students at the school come from farms in the remotest areas of the Ghanzi District, mostly from poor families. Therefore, on the basis of the needs of the school, DTC Botswana has entered into a 3 year partnership with D’Kar to offer the following:

  • Provision of meals (feeding programme)
  • Horticulture project
  • Provision of uniform
  • Sporting kits and related equipment

DTC Botswana believes that the sponsorship will help alleviate the challenges currently faced by the school

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