DTC Botswana Commences Construction of a Photovoltaic Solar Plant to Generate Renewable Energy

The use of technology for more sustainable business practices has become a continuous effort for DTC Botswana to align with one of the pillars of vision 2036.

To this end, DTC Botswana broke ground on a new Photovoltaic Solar Plant in a ceremony held on 26th November 2020. The two-phased project aims to provide the country with cleaner forms of energy according to the company’s 2030 sustainable framework called BUILDING FOREVER.

As of the groundbreaking ceremony, DTC Botswana has officially begun its first phase through the construction of a 350KWp renewable energy Photovoltaic Solar Plant that will contribute to the company’s existing power supply. The second phase will entail the development of a 600kWp Photovoltaic Solar Plant to ensure that the site will generate renewable energy to power the facility during daytime.

During the ceremony, DTC Botswana Board Member and Chairperson of the Sustainability Committee, Mr Neo Moroka said, “today is a very important day for us at DTC Botswana as it signifies our values and most importantly our continued efforts of developing sustainable programmes which would have a positive impact on our environment.”

Mr Moroka further said, “this is why at DTC Botswana we have found it prudent to provide clean energy by means of the construction of the Photovoltaic Solar Plant for which we are doing the ground-breaking today.”

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